Consistent Theology: Analogies


What’s An Analogy?

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like…

Contextual Analogies

The Limitations of Theological Analogies

The Slippery Slope

Analogies and Consistent Theology

  1. Analogies have the same kind of internal focus that characterizes my view of consistent theology; we pick analogies based on ideas we already have. They don’t inherently contain truths just because they make sense to us. Similarly, our theologies aren’t inherently true just because they seem consistent. Consistent theology has an internal focus; it should be consistent with itself, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.
  2. In the same way that our theologies must be open to change, our analogies must also be open to change. If we pursue consistent theology, we should understand that we’ll eventually need to abandon some analogies and find new ones. We should learn to distinguish between analogies and truths so that we don’t conflate the two. It would be unfortunate if our pursuit of God and truth were cut short because we got hung up on some analogy.



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Brice Laughrey

Brice Laughrey


Owner of Breaking Bread Theology and co-founder of 1310 Ministries. Currently living and worshiping in Las Vegas, NV.