Racism, Homosexuality, and Paul

Racist Language: Permanent Characteristics vs “Temporary” Status

Enter: Paul and Homosexuality

Some Possible Approaches to Paul

  1. Paul is mixing permanent characteristics (i.e. sexual orientation) with temporary statuses (e.g. drunkenness), and presenting them as fundamentally the same. In other words, Paul’s making a categorical error by lumping these things together.
  2. Paul isn’t making any mistakes; he knows exactly what he’s doing. Or, similarly, he’s inerrantly inspired to write exactly what he writes.
  3. Paul isn’t mixing permanent characteristics with temporary statuses and he’s inerrantly inspired.

First Approach

Second Approach

Third Approach

Is It Really This Complicated?

One Last Thing…



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Brice Laughrey

Brice Laughrey


Owner of Breaking Bread Theology and co-founder of 1310 Ministries. Currently living and worshiping in Las Vegas, NV.