Staying Home From Church: Something Over Nothing

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Bringing Themes Together

  1. The reader is thinking about quitting church, at least for a time, rather than simply opting out for a weekend.
  2. If you’re not attending, you’re not “getting” any church.
  3. “Some” is a measurement of what you receive at “church.”
  4. Attending “church” is objectively better than staying home.

Staying Away Forever

Getting Church

  • Why do you feel you have no other opportunities to spend some time with God?
  • Are other Christians not encouraging you outside of weekly service times?
  • Do you feel you have no opportunities to encourage others outside of “church?”
  • Is “church” the only place where your kids are “getting to hear a message?”

Some Church Is Better Than No Church

  • Attending a weekly service is the only thing that counts as getting some church.
  • Some church is better than no church.
  • So, if you’re not getting any church, it means you’re not attending at all.

Is “Church” Objectively the Better Decision?

God Holds You



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