Staying Home From Church: the Slippery Slope

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The Slippery Slope

If I Slipped Down a Slope…

Staying Consistent

  1. It conflates different circumstances and arguments. The article is presented as addressing a singular issue: baby brain. Five reasons to continue “church” attendance are listed, all under that same banner, but at least three of those points address three separate questions: a question of today, a question of particular circumstances, and a question of seasons. By mashing these all together, it confuses the issue. This isn’t five points about baby brain. At the very least, this is one or more arguments each about three different situations — three different questions.
  2. This is, ironically, a kind of slippery slope situation. The author has (perhaps inadvertently) led us onto a path we didn’t intend to walk by laying out a starting premise and then replacing it over time with other premises.

Never Going Back

One Last, False Dichotomy

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Brice Laughrey

Brice Laughrey

Owner of Breaking Bread Theology and co-founder of 1310 Ministries. Currently living and worshiping in Las Vegas, NV.