What Is the Gospel?


Theological Meaning

  • “the good news of the Kingdom” (i.e. God’s kingdom or the kingdom of heaven)
  • “the good news about Jesus” (i.e. whatever Jesus accomplished during his ministry or through the cross)
  • in reference to the canonical gospels, “the Gospel according to…” (i.e. the good news, told as a story about Jesus, according to the author); the Gospel according to John, the Gospel according to Matthew, etc. I don’t normally use this language, because I like to distinguish between the gospels and the Gospel.

Why Am I Being So General?

Common Elements

  • Jesus was, in some way, the Son of God.
  • Jesus was the Messiah about whom many Old Testament prophets wrote or who fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies.
  • Something about Jesus’s life and death addressed sin or sinfulness.
  • Jesus was put to death on a cross.
  • Jesus rose from the dead — was resurrected — several days later.
  • The Holy Spirit was poured out after Jesus went to be with God.
  • Something about those things affects our relationship with God.




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Brice Laughrey

Brice Laughrey


Owner of Breaking Bread Theology and co-founder of 1310 Ministries. Currently living and worshiping in Las Vegas, NV.